March 19, 2023

The Grand Army cast features an array of diverse individuals from diverse backgrounds. The show stars Odley Jean as Dominique Pierre, a 17-year-old who wants to become the first in her family to attend college. Maliq Johnson plays Jayson Jackson, who plays the saxophone in the show. Amalia Yoo portrays freshman Leila Kwan Zimmer, who struggles with her identity as a Jewish and adopted Chinese girl.

Amalia Yoo

Amalia Yoo is an American actress of Korean, Puerto Rican, and Greek descent. She recently made her TV debut in Netflix’s Grand Army. Before her role in Grand Army, Yoo studied acting at GoodCapp Arts. She has also appeared in several theater productions, including “SLUT: The Play” and “A Day in the Life”.

Yoo has performed on stage for years, but now she’s ready to make her small screen debut on Netflix’s Grand Army. A native of New York City, Yoo has been pursuing acting for over half a decade. Her role on the Netflix show is a stepping stone to more opportunities down the line.

The show follows the lives of six teens at a public high school in Brooklyn. Each character is different, with little in common. There are students with various problems, yet they all strive to find their own way. Some are star athletes and others have trouble at home. The cast also features a talented musician, an insecure freshman, and a feminist provocateur.

Amalia Yoo, who graduated from high school last May, is now a rising star in the Netflix hit “Grand Army”. This show tackles the highs and lows of being a student today. It is set in New York City, where Yoo went to high school.

Amalia Yoo is an American actress who plays Leila Kwan Zimmer in the show. She previously appeared in the J Doe series. Odley Jean, meanwhile, plays Dominique “Dom” Pierre, a student who worked at a women and children’s center in New York City. The cast of Grand Army features a number of talented actors.

Grand Army is a Netflix original series, based on the play by Katie Cappiello. Amalia Yoo, Odessa A’zion, and Maliq Johnson are among the stars. It is unknown if Grand Army will be renewed for Season 2. A renewed show would be great, but Netflix hasn’t announced it yet.

Amalia Yoo is active on social media and is often a vocal voice on social justice issues. She has supported the Black Lives Matter movement, and recently expressed her happiness at being able to vote when she turned 18. In addition to her acting career, Yoo also plays the guitar and has several YouTube videos of her playing.

Joey Del Marco

Odessa A’zion, known as Odessa Zion Segall Adlon, is an American actress. She has been known for her roles on television shows such as Grand Army and Fam. She has also starred in independent films, such as The Big Short.

Aside from her work on TV shows like Nashville and Fam, Odessa A’Zion is also an emerging actor. She has starred in many coming-of-age indie films and has also appeared in the CBS sitcom Fam. She was born in Texas, but went to a public school in San Francisco to pursue a career in acting.

The cast of Joey Del Marco, Grand Army features a diverse group of actors. The young cast features the voices of aspiring musicians and young actors. Odessa A’zion plays Joey Del Marco, while Odley Jean plays Dominique Pierre. Maliq Johnson, who plays Jayson Jackson, plays a saxophone player. Amir Bageria previously appeared on Degrassi: Next Class as Terence.

The show follows the lives of five students at Grand Army High School. The main characters deal with issues like rape culture, racial discrimination, sexual identity, and violence. A highlight episode of Grand Army is “Relationship Goals,” in which two of Joey’s friends sexually abuse her.

A key character in the show, Joey has recently experienced a traumatic experience of sexual assault. She opens up about it in the film, but it has an ugly side, as she is accused of being a slut and a liar. She subsequently falls into a depression and a state of uncertainty.

In the television series, Joey is the unfiltered alpha girl of Grand Army High. She is intelligent and carefree, but has an innate lack of awareness of her privilege. She orchestrates the “Free the Nipple” protest after a teacher shames her for her breasts. In addition, she rejects the misogynist rhetoric of Great Gatsby and takes a knee for her black classmates during the national anthem. But after a harrowing sexual assault, she starts to crumble.

Grand Army cast members include Amalia McLaughlin, who previously starred in Slut The Play, as well as Jaden McLaughlin, who played Maliq’s best friend. Both actors have also acted in Broadway productions of Lion King and Kinky Boots. The other cast members include Joey Del Marco and Nick Xavier.

Odessa A’zion

Odessa A’zion is the star of Netflix’s teen drama Grand Army. She portrays the rebellious teenage Joey Del Marco in the show. Her portrayal of the character is a star-making performance. She is born on June 17, 1999 and has an estimated height of 5’4″. She has a large social media following with over 217,000 followers, and has been vocal about her political views.

Odessa A’zion is a proud animal lover and has 12 pets at home, including her hairless cat Junebug. While her parents divorced in 2010, Odessa was raised by her mother, and her father eventually moved to Germany. Her new show, Grand Army, is based on a play, Slut the Play. Despite the diversity of the cast, the show has courted controversy.

In addition to starring in the NBC show, A’zion has had a number of acclaimed television appearances, including “Nashville” and “Fam.” A’zion is joined by an excellent young cast. Brittany Adebumola has a stellar reputation in the East Coast theater community. Amir Bageria, meanwhile, has recently been seen on “Degrassi: Next Class.”

The show’s final act – an attack on Joey – is an act of violence. A’zion’s wild, beating heart is the final straw, and it makes the show difficult to watch. The play was inspired by Katie Capiello’s award-winning play, SLUT.

The drama revolves around the lives of five students attending Grand Army High School. The show starts with pranks in the girls locker room. Later, the students are brought together by a bombing in a neighboring city. Eventually, they are thrown into a high-stakes “party of the century.” As the school’s pressure rises, the girls’ “party of the century” gets thrown into a tumultuous atmosphere. Despite the high-spirited nature of the characters, the tumultuous night ends tragically.

The film explores issues surrounding sexual assault. The series has featured numerous incidents of sexual assault. A’zion’s character, Joey, had to overcome this. This scene is one of the most delicate scenes in the film, but A’zion says that it was important for her character to find some resolution.

Jayson Jackson

Maliq Akil Johnson, better known as Jayson Jackson in the Netflix show Grand Army, is an American actor. He has previously starred in films such as Little Boxes, Little Men, and Knucklehead. Among his recent credits, he has appeared in several television series, including The O.C., The Blacklist, and The Blacklist: Revenge. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Grand Army follows the lives of five students at a public high school in Brooklyn. The series tackles some of the most difficult topics teens face, like sexual assault, the school-to-prison pipeline, and poverty. The cast members are all native New Yorkers, and many were students of Katie Cappiello before they landed their first acting jobs.

Jayson Jackson is the main character in Netflix’s ‘Grand Army’ series. He is a musical prodigy who plays saxophone. He bonds with his best friend Owen Williams through his love for music.

The show’s cast includes five high school students, including Jayson Jackson, who plays the titular character. Aside from him, Amalia McLaughlin, who starred in Slut the Play, also stars in the role of Leila. The cast also includes Jaden McLaughlin, who has appeared in the Broadway productions of Lion King and Kinky Boots. The series’ other stars are Odessa A’zion, who played Joey Del Marco, Odley Jean, and Britt Adebumola, who plays Tamika Jones.

The first season of Grand Army, which will premiere on Netflix on Oct. 16, is available to stream on Netflix. If you’ve been waiting for a new series from Netflix, you can watch it right now. It’s worth a watch. You won’t regret it! You can’t miss out on all the fun!

Jayson Jackson is a young student at Grand Army High School, and he hopes to become a professional musician. He’s a jazz saxophonist and hopes to make it to the state’s all-state band. Maliq previously played the character of Terence in the teen drama When They See Us.

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