March 22, 2023

Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan has joined the growing list of witnesses in the Biden scandal. Kestan, who goes by the social media handle weed_slut_420, gave evidence to the federal government in Delaware. The specifics of her testimony are still under wraps.

Hunter Biden’s former girlfriend testifies about his spending

In testimony, Zoe Kestan, former girlfriend of Senator Hunter Biden, testifies about the money he spent during their relationship. She also said that Biden would stay in ritzy hotels in Manhattan. She said the two often stayed at the Four Seasons, the Mercer, SIXTY SoHo, the Soho Grand and the Hollywood Roosevelt. She also said that Hunter would take out hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time from ATMs without telling her where the money came from.

Kestan, a fashion designer, testified about Hunter’s spending habits. In court, she said the senator spent thousands of dollars on shopping and dining at upscale hotels. She recalled Hunter spending thousands of dollars at an ATM, and Kestan was left wondering how he was able to spend so much money. Kestan also said that Hunter would pay her in cash for items she needed to shop.

Kestan Biden also recalled how Hunter would spend thousands of dollars at high-end hotels in Manhattan and Los Angeles. She said that she did not have any idea where Hunter got the money, and she often gave him the money for clothes, meals, and other things. When she found out about Melissa Cohen’s second marriage, she felt “super-crazy” and did not speak to Hunter’s representative.

Kestan also testified that she took out ATMs and took cash out for clothes and meals. She also listed numerous lavish trips to Los Angeles, California, and Hawaii. She also testified that she was able to get her former partner sober and turn to a career in painting. She believes that she has helped the senator get sober and is responsible for keeping him sober.

Zoe Kestan, Hunter Biden’ ex-girlfriend, testifies before grand jury over spending. Hunter Biden’s former girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, has given a five-hour testimony regarding the Senator’s spending habits. The testimony was recorded at a time when she was a few days older than his daughter.

Hunter Biden’s spending habits are at the center of a Justice Department investigation. The investigation is focused on the senator’s overseas dealings and finances. Hunter Biden once said that he could no longer remember his conquests after he got divorced from his wife. After the birth of his daughter, Biden paid her mother a $2.5 million settlement.

Kestan said Hunter asked her to withdraw thousands of dollars from ATMs and gave her cash to buy items. However, she had no idea how Hunter got such large sums of money. In December 2020, Hunter admitted that federal prosecutors in Delaware were investigating his tax affairs. A computer that was found in his home may have been his, but was turned over to the FBI by a Wilmington, DE computer repair shop.

Her drug habits

It is unclear what is the cause of Zoe Kestan’s drug habits, but she claims the relationship with Hunter Biden is to blame. The former couple has a three-year-old daughter together. Hunter is now a painter, and Kestan believes she’s helped him get sober. The two even claim to have been angry with one another after she told him to quit using drugs.

Biden’s alleged drug habit has been well-documented. In his 2021 memoir, he said he learned to cook crack cocaine while staying at Chateau Marmont. In the same year, Zoe Kestan testified to a grand jury about how Hunter Biden was abusing his money. He would give her thousands of dollars at a time, then order her to withdraw them. But when asked how the money came from, Kestan denied knowing how Hunter had acquired it.

Zoe Kestan is an apparel designer. She has been branded “weed slut” on social media. Her online nickname is weed_slut_420. She also used a fake name when she started using drugs. She was also arrested in 2014 and has since been incarcerated.

On February 22, Zoe Kestan went on the witness stand before a congressional panel in Wilmington, Delaware. She testified shortly after former stripper Lunden Roberts testified in the same session. Keston, who is also a lingerie and textile designer, was also investigated for her spending habits in 2018. She was questioned about her spending habits in 2018 and when she and Biden were photographed together in Manhattan.

Hunter Biden and Kestan are the latest in a string of former associates to be implicated in the biden scandal. Kestan has admitted to getting cash from ATMs and has no idea how Biden was able to get this money. The federal investigation into the alleged financial dealings of Hunter Biden has been ongoing for three years. The federal agents tracked Kestan to her New York apartment and instructed her to testify. Kestan, meanwhile, did not have any idea what Biden was trying to hide.

Kestan also testified about Hunter Biden’s lavish spending habits during the year and said that she and Hunter visited high-end hotspots in Manhattan. She said that Biden even ordered her to get cash from ATMs, despite her not knowing how he obtained it.

Hunter Biden did not mention Kestan’s name in his memoir, but the audio recording of their meeting emerged in October. The recording appears to be a mash-up of two separate conversations at different times. The recording led federal agents to track Kestan down in New York City, where she was served with a grand jury subpoena. They are investigating Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

Her relationship with the president’s son

Zoe Kestan’s relationship with the son of the president is a controversial topic. The two have been spotted out together to parties and art shows in Manhattan. During an interview with the Grand Jury, Kestan was asked about her relationship with the Bidens, and she revealed that she was the victim of sexual abuse by the vice president’s son. In addition to sexual abuse, Kestan also testified that Hunter had directed her to take money from ATMs and hand it over to him in exchange for expensive clothes and other items. However, she did not know where the money came from and how it was spent.

Zoe Kestan, a designer, is the ex-girlfriend of USA Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. She also was the subject of a three-year undercover investigation into the Biden family, and her relationship with the President’s son has made headlines. The two appeared to have a good relationship, but few photographs have been taken of them.

Hunter Biden’s relationship with Kestan has been in the spotlight for months, but this time, the alleged affair has gone to new heights. Kestan, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, has been subpoenaed by federal agents. In response, she was asked about Hunter’s financial activities in 2018 – specifically, his spending habits.

Kestan was also questioned about her relationship with the president’s son, who was a teen with bipolar disorder. She was never told about his relationship with Biden before their first date. Hunter was also “adamant” on Kestan’s use of birth control. Despite her testimony, Kestan says Hunter’s new-found sobriety is the result of Kestan. The couple has a daughter, who is now three years old.

Zoe Kestan, Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend, testified in front of a federal grand jury today. She was interviewed about Hunter Biden’s extravagant spending habits and finances in 2018 and how she funded his lavish lifestyle. The two spent a lot of money on travel and high-end hotels in New York and Los Angeles. However, Kestan’s testimony remains confidential and unreleased.

Kestan has been asked to answer questions about Hunter Biden’s spending habits, including frequent trips to ritzy hotels in Manhattan. She also revealed that she stayed at the Four Seasons and the Mercer hotel with Hunter Biden. The hotel was once home to former Saturday Night Live actor Jim Belushi, who died of an overdose there in 1982. Although Kestan does not deny that she had slept with Hunter Biden, she said she did not know that Belushi’s wife stayed there while he was in the city.

Kestan’s relationship with the president’son is also a mystery. The former vice president’s son was involved in a sexual affair with his first wife before the two met. She has not revealed her new relationship, but it is expected to happen.

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